Meeting Helper

Meetings and workshops are fantastic things. They're a great way to share information, agree on what needs to be done, and make plans to get things done. 

Take Sally. She runs many successful meetings and does her best to document the important outcomes. She writes down notes in her book or on her tablet. She takes photos of whiteboards using her iPhone and, on the odd occasion, makes a video to capture a particularly important moment. 

She also sets time-limits for parts of the meeting ranging from 2 minutes to 30 minutes. 

Her problem is that she has trouble combining all the information (physical notes, electronic notes, photos, and videos) into one place. 

Meeting Helper solves that problem. It lets you make short notes on actions and agreements and take photos or videos. Then it can combine all the notes, photos, and videos into an email that you can send to whoever you want. 

It also has a timer function to support setting time limits for activities in meetings. 

In this version of Meeting Helper there is no restriction on the number of meetings, notes, photos, or videos you can store (within the limits of your device).

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